Who Am I

I'm a lucky husband. I'm a proud father. I consider myself an avid do-it-yourself'er, buying a "fixer-upper" home made sure of that. I do my best to be an all-around-technology geek, though I lean away from Apple (what's the big deal anyway?). I love to cook, trying different recipes often (I think it would be awesome to own a restaurant some day!). I consider myself a Christ follower, that does mean Christian, but sometimes Christians get a bad name (some of us are loco). I have three children, so I get to buy me, er, them Legos and other toys. I love being outdoors, fishing, hiking and more.

What I Think

I think I think a lot. I like to come up with new cool ideas, but usually don't follow through with most. The stuff I do think up and share I post on my blogs.

What I Do

My full time job is at Slalom Consulting, where I am a SharePoint Architect. I love my job! In addition to my full time job, I like to keep in the technology arena. Below is a short list of services I provide, if you're interested, reach out to me under Where I'm At.

Where I Am

I think I have tapped into most networks of the networks out there. Below is everything I can think of, in order of what I use most.